Package of documents

The package of documents for submission to the Admission Committee of the MSE:

(The list will be updated in accordance with the admission rules 2017)

Bachelor’s program

Passport, copy of passport;
Original or copy of the education document;
6 photos in size 3×4 (black and white or color shot without a headdress on matte paper, made in 2017);
Application (to be filled in the Admission Committee);
SNILS, medical policy, pripisnoe (copies);
USE results are recorded from the words of the entrant (confirmed by certificates issued in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016-2017).
The list of entrance examinations for applicants for the program “Bachelor” in the direction of “ECONOMICS”:

Russian language (results of the Unified State Examination),
Mathematics (USE results, profile level),
Social Studies (results of the Unified State Examination),
Additional introductory test (DWI) – mathematics (in writing)
To the entrant to charge points for the following individual achievements:

Sports achievements (see “Rules for Admission” p.19) – for example. “Golden mark of TRP” – 2 points;
Gold or silver medal – 5 points;
The evaluation, which was made according to the results of the examination of the final essay, is no more than 3 points. The evaluation, which is based on the results of the examination of the final essay, which is an acceptable admission to the state final certification for educational programs of secondary general education, is no more than 3 points.
The cost of training is 395 000 rubles per year.



Address: 119991, Moscow, Lenin Hills, Moscow State University. Lomonosov Moscow State University, 1, building 61, aud.101

Tel: +7 495 510 5257.

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