Conditions for admission


For admission to the English Master's program "International Economics and Finance" of the Moscow School of Economics of the Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov's entrants must submit a package of documents and pass the entrance examinations. Acceptance of applications and other documents from applicants begins June 20, 2017 and ends July 20, 2017



Copies of documents for admission to the English Master's program "International Economics and Finance" can be submitted in scanned form via e-mail, to the address: or

Original documents can be submitted to the MSE MSU Admissions Committee as follows:
• Personally to the Commission for the Reception of Documents: Moscow, 119991, Leninskie Gory 1, p. 61, office 101 (Admission Committee of the Moscow International Economic Center).
• Through postal operators at the address: Moscow, 119991, Lenin Hills, Moscow State University. MVLomonosova, 1, building 61, Admission Committee of the Moscow State University.
• Through a trustee in the presence of a notarized power of attorney
• Through legal representatives

In electronic form, documents (originals) are sent by e-mail with the application of a separate qualified electronic signature to the address: For more information, see Submission of documents in electronic form ( download ).  

First Stream
July 3 - general economic theory
July 5 - English
The exam starts at 10.00


Second flow July 21 - general economic theory July 24 - English The exam starts at 10.00 Enrollment by results of entrance examinations in two streams. CALCULATION OF ABSTURISTS


Enrollment of applicants who scored the required number of points in the entrance examinations is conducted by the Central Admission Committee of the Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov at the presentation of the admissions committee of the Moscow School of Economics. In case of disagreement with the results of admission tests, the entrant has the right to appeal (see Rules for the filing and consideration of appeals (download)). Enrollment of entrants is conducted after the conclusion of the contract and payment for their studies for the first semester.

    Eliminate the competition: Persons who have withdrawn documents after the receipt of documents Persons who did not appear without valid reasons for the MSU entrance test at the scheduled time; Persons who received at entrance examinations conducted by the Moscow State University the result is below the minimum number of points confirming the successful completion of the entrance test.

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