A few words about campuses
The hostel of the Moscow State University named after MVLomonosov is a complex of student campuses that provide conditions for a comfortable stay of students, graduate students and faculty.

The structure of MSU hostels includes seven independently functioning student campuses with developed infrastructure:

The student’s house (DS, Main building of Moscow State University);
Branch of the student’s home (FDS);
The student’s house on Lomonosovsky (DSL);
The student’s house on Vernadsky Avenue (DSV);
The student’s house at Kravchenko (DSC);
House of graduate and trainee (DAS);
The student’s house in Yasenevo (DSA).
In the student campus of Moscow State University, constant work is carried out to improve the conditions for students’ life, advanced communication technologies are being introduced, the material and technical base of hostels is being updated and replenished, and new hostel buildings are being built.

The distribution of places and the placement of students in the hostel is carried out by the Management of hostels with direct participation of the deans of the educational and scientific departments of the university. The University seeks to provide a place in the hostel for all who need it. For students on the budget, this rule is fully implemented, for students enrolled in the contract, the university provides the hostel on a contractual basis in the presence of free places.

The general management of the organization and functioning of hostels is provided by the Office of Hostels of Moscow State University, which is headed by the Deputy Pro-Rector – Head of the Office of Hostels of Moscow State University, AA. The Vodolazsky. Management of hostels is located directly in the Main building of Moscow University.

Contacts Management of hostels MSU:

Address 117234, Moscow, Leninskie Gory, 1, Main building of Moscow State University, building “B”
Deputy. Vice-Rector – Head of the Department Andrey A. Vodolazsky
Phone 8 (495) 939-18-70

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